About Us

Salt City Customs was built by Enthusiasts that believe that a vehicle should be a extension of who you are. 

Hello I’m Ken the owner of Salt City Customs. I personally have over 25 years of mechanical experience repairing and customizing a wide array of vehicles. My family often jokes that I can fix anything. I built my first Engine at the age of 17 it was a 750 HP Chevy 350 and it was installed in a 1983 Chevy 4×4 pickup. 

From there I went on to work in the marine industry for close to 15 years. I still continued to customize every vehicle I owned from a Dodge Neon that had all the engine and suspension upgrades that little car could handle. To my current project that is a 1983 Dodge Ramcharger that I upgraded the engine to a custom built 360 and a beefed up 727 transmission. But the Ramchargers Story is far from over. It will be my shops first full build, its going to be one of a kind when its done( the project will be documented on this site so come back for updates).

My family comes from a long line of Gear heads. My grandma you could find her out in the west desert of Utah riding her motorcycle to traveling the red rocks of Moab in her GMC pickup. My father was an avid motocross racer, and a mechanic for a professional race team when I was young. He’s since, slowed down a little you can find him driving his UTV all over the mountains of Utah. My 16 year old daughter who is restoring her own 1982 Dodge Ramcharger ( I think she wants to be like Her Dad). Then there my two sons, who are 2 and 7 they’re always wanting to help their dad work on the cars. Mostly helping me, by hiding my tools and parts. The best part of raising my kids to be gear heads, is giving them the knowledge to build anything that the imagine. As well as building the memories and experiences with their dad. 

Memories are important to make. We are here to help, thank you for checking out saltcity4x4.com